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(This page last updated: 19 October, 2016)

The first article published on after Jimi's passing, with comments from many of his friends and colleagues

A very nice personal tribute from Andrew McNeice, owner of

Tribute article written by Ron Onesti for the Daily Herald newspaper in Chicago, and which actually managed to make me laugh even during those first few days of horrible, tearing grief. (I can just PICTURE the anecdote he relates about the "biker show"--that is Jimi all over!)

A YouTube video of Jimi's younger daughter Lacy singing in his honor at the public memorial service held in Memphis. (And I must say again, it's obvious some of those "musically talented" genes bred true; what a lovely, soaring voice that girl has!)

Another YouTube video taken from the Ides of March 50th Anniversary concert, which was held shortly after Jimi's passing and wherein they paid homage to him by performing "The Search Is Over." This did make me cry the first time I watched it, but even so, I think Jim Peterik is literally the only person on Earth now who can sing that song and not make it feel like some sort of sacrilege, at least to me...

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