The Memorial Gardens  
Jimi Jamison Memorial Wing Chord and
Photo taken at Butchart Gardens, located in Victoria, British Columbia, by an unnamed photographer.
Source image borrowed from the Gardens' official blog, and used here with thanks and credit.

Welcome, friends.

Please join me in celebrating the life and music of a truly remarkable man. His presence, kindness, and talent are very much missed, but he nonetheless left the world with an amazing legacy, and that is what this part of C&S is meant to honor.

Enjoy your stay!

(written 30 September, 2014)
Other Tributes
from around the web
Original Rock'n'Beale show
held October 26, 2014
at the Hard Rock Cafe
Memphis, TN

(Concert Tale and Photos
Coming Soon)
Includes metaphysical musings,
expanded Concert Tales,
and more
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