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Adrian Vandenberg, circa 1989; from a Dutch music magazine article
Adrian Vandenberg name banner

As with Rudy Sarzo, I really didn't know anything about Adrian Vandenberg until I started working on this site. But again, you can't do much reading about Whitesnake without realizing that he was a hugely important part of that band; David Coverdale had wanted to work with him for years before he actually joined, and he was the only member to last though three of the infamous Whitesnake lineup changes. He also had his own band before Whitesnake, called simply Vandenberg, and they apparently had a hit in the US in the early 80's called "Burning Heart." (Though it didn't ring any bells with me when I heard it recently...) Vandenberg is a pretty decent band, though; Adrian did all their songwriting and guitar-playing, so that stuff is top-notch, and their singer, Bert Heerink, sounds like a cross between Dave Bickler (Survivor's first singer; the one who did "Eye Of The Tiger") and Klaus Meine from the Scorpions.

Besides being talented, however, Adrian himself is quite a good-looking fellow, and tall--my goodness, the man's 6'6"! He's Dutch, too, so I expect he must have at least a bit of an accent... unfortunately all the interviews with him that I've found so far were print, not audio. But apart from anything else, I think I've figured out the real reason why I like him: He's like Jareth's younger, ganglier, and less enigmatic brother. laughing emoticon

Favorite Songs & Videos
Favorite Songs: Coming--er--eventually. I still need to listen to my Vandenberg CDs a few more times before I'll be able to pick out favorites...
Favorite Videos: "Still Of The Night" - Whitesnake
Boy, I REALLY have to pay attention to this video, since I'm trying to watch the singer, the bassist, AND one of the guitarists, all at once... laughing emoticon
"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake
Yum... Adrian in leather pants...
"Is This Love" - Whitesnake
I think Adrian gets more camera time in this one than either of the other two...
Favorite Adrian Vandenberg Quotes

"I'm not too wild. I party, but I like other things, too, it's not the biggest part of my life. Music to me is the first thing."

[on live shows] "It's personality, getting across how much you love playing. A lot of groups pretend, but you can feel they're in it for money and women. They don't project beyond the fourth or fifth row. I just go on stage and do what I feel. Everything must come from the heart."

"Honestly, my autobiography would read like a book about a priest!"

"I could never smash a guitar... It would be like making love to a woman and then killing her!"

"...Adrian is one of those men that not only turned himself into a brilliant guitar player, but can also write a hit album in a week's time and, in a minute's notice, whip up a chocolate mousse to die for."
--Charrie Foglio, Rip magazine

"My biggest weakness is chocolate, Dutch chocolate."

Now this is a guy with taste!

[on a memorable moment from Whitesnake's 1987 tour] "We were driving out in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, when the bus pulled over to refuel. Two minutes after we pulled up, Poison's tour bus came up next to us, and right after that the guys in Chicago arrived. We were all standing there, half asleep, rummaging through the junk food going, 'Wow, what a trip.'"

Oh, man... I can just picture this... laughing emoticon
Adrian Vandenberg's Astrological Sign

Date of Birth: 31 January, 1959

Western Zodiac: Aquarius (Air)
Chinese Zodiac: Dog (Wood)

There are an awful lot of Aquarians on the list... though I suppose that's not really a huge surprise, since they're described as being very creative and all about communication via visual mediums like theater--which is, really, not too different from rock and roll. And in Adrian's case, I can see quite a bit of Dog in him, as well, at least insofar as he does well shouldering responsibility--I don't think he would have lasted as long as he did in Whitesnake if he didn't have that going for him.

The Chord & Sorcery Angle

If Adrian Vandenberg were a character in a fantasy novel, he would be:

Robin Hood, or someone similar. He's plenty tall but not really bulky enough to handle a broadsword--archery would suit him to a tee, though...

The fantasy/period outfit I would most like to see Adrian Vandenberg model is:

Something appropriate to a forest-living outlaw... long tunic and hood with breeches and laced knee-boots...

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