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Rudy Sarzo, late 1980's; exact provenance unknown
Rudy Sarzo name banner

Okay, I admit it: I had no idea who Rudy Sarzo was until I started putting this site together. However, when you do any reading about Whitesnake in its late '80's incarnations, you sort of can't avoid figuring out that he was part of what made the band what it was at that point. And once I'd done the reading, when I went back and watched the videos again, it was rather of a case of, "Cool, I can name all these guys now... wow, that Rudy Sarzo sure has beautiful eyes... and lovely tight pants... and a bass that he handles like a particularly passionate lover... is it getting hot in here? Crap, now I don't know who I want to watch more, the singer or the bassist!" help! emoticon

Favorite Songs & Videos
I'm not including a list of "favorite songs" here because, while Rudy is a fine musician, he doesn't seem to do any significant amount of songwriting. And despite my fondness for his instrument of choice, I also don't listen to songs purely for their bass part, so...
Favorite Videos: "Still Of The Night" - Whitesnake
This was quite a video anyway, but Gods, Rudy looked hot in tight jeans... drooling emoticon
"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake
You didn't quite get such a good view of him as in the previous video, but there is one really, really good shot of the infamous "bass-licking maneuver"... swooning emoticon
Favorite Rudy Sarzo Quotes

[on being in Whitesnake] "I'm having the time of my life with these guys. Everything they're known for onstage and off, they bring to the band. David brings stability, Adrian is totally insane."

[on his, ahem, "unique playing style"] "It only happened with Whitesnake. No other band had I ever licked bass with. Whitesnake's lyrics are very sexual and the way David sang just brought this feeling... It was so natural. I have no apologies for it. When you perform, it's like surfing. You catch the wave. You pick up on what everyone else is playing. There's this huge vibe that, if you can pick up on it, you can ride it. If you don't, you just wipe out... we'd videotape our show and see how to improve. And every time it came to the spot where I'd lick my bass, I said, 'I've got to stop doing this!' [laughs] But bam! It would happen every single time. If you get caught in the moment, just be honest with your performance. I wasn't the first to do it, though. Look at Hendrix. It was part of his show."

[on why 80's metal has been taking a beating from the rock press in recent years] "...Metal was never supposed to be the success that it became due to MTV's exposure.The fans were the ones who have always supported metal, not the mainstream media or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

[on how he prepares for a show] "I get dressed, transform from 'just me' to 'the guy on stage.' I take a couple of minutes to meditate, be one with myself and mentally prepare for the stage because it's like going through the looking glass. It's a whole different world and person up there."

"Who the hell wants to play music that only a hundred, or a thousand people get into? I don't want to. That's like speaking in tongues, and nobody understands what you're doing..."

Rudy Sarzo's Astrological Sign

Date of Birth: 18 November, 1950

Western Zodiac: Scorpio (Water)
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger (Metal)

Aha... this explains a lot. Scorpio and Tiger are both very intense and passionate signs, so Rudy has a double-dose of that sort of thing. I actually knew someone once who was also a Scorpio/Tiger combination, and if Rudy is anything like him... whew!

The Chord & Sorcery Angle

If Rudy Sarzo were a character in a fantasy novel, he would be:

A dashing rogue.

The fantasy/period outfit I would most like to see Rudy Sarzo model is:

Can you say, "Pirate captain?"

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