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John Waite, provenance unknown
John Waite name banner

Okay, I will admit it--John Waite was the cause of another of those "Gods, I'm unobservant" moments for me. I knew him from his solo mega-hit "Missing You," and I knew Bad English from their song "When I See You Smile," but it took me a truly embarrassing amount of time to make the connection between them and realize that it was the same man singing on both songs. d'oh! emoticon

Fortunately, I did eventually put two and two together, thanks to a nudge in the right direction from (wait for it...) VH-1 Classic. And, in fact, after seeing the videos for two more Bad English songs ("Forget Me Not" and "Heaven Is A 4-Letter Word") I started to get really interested in this band. I bought the two CDs they put out, and I have to say that it's a pity the group didn't last any longer than that, because they did some great stuff together. I've heard people complain about "When I See You Smile," claiming that it's too syrupy or sentimental or whatever, but it's not exactly typical of the band, either; there's a lot of stuff on both Bad English and Backlash that rocks pretty hard. And while most of the songs are credited to multiple authors, I suspect that John Waite himself was responsible for a good chunk of the lyrics--and if that truly is the case, then I have to give a metaphorical tip of the hat to the man for coming up with some of the most poetic sexual euphemisms that I've ever heard on a rock record! laughing emoticon

I have to admit, though, that John himself is one of the main reasons I like Bad English as much as I do. No one can deny that he's a talented man, but I think he has a lot of sex appeal, as well. I mean, have you ever heard him talk? I hadn't until recently, and dear Gods--that not-quite-Scottish accent of his just sent me swooning from the get-go. Then there's those smoldering eyes, and one can't forget all that utterly gorgeous, dark red hair... I confess that I drool so much over Bad English videos almost solely because he looked soooooo hot with long hair. drooling emoticon And on top of everything else, he played bass for a while, though I'm given to understand that he gave it up to concentrate on singing when his first band, The Babys, broke up...

Favorite Songs & Videos
I am not too familiar with John's solo career, and not at all with the Babys; I will be searching out some of those CDs at some point, I expect, but for now, Bad English's catalog is pretty much the sum total of my knowledge...
Favorite Songs: "Missing You"
I think it would be some kind of sacrilege to be a fan of the 80's and not like this song...
"My heart's in your world tonight / And you hold the key to my life..." Sigh! Beautiful.
"Forget Me Not"
Fantastic track--love it!
"When I See You Smile"
I really just don't get why some people hate this song with such passion...I think it's wonderful, myself...
"Ghost In Your Heart"
The plot bunnies go absolutely nuts trying to spawn when I listen to this... I do love songs that tell stories.
"Price Of Love"
I go all slushy at this one... makes me think of my hubby... hearts emoticon
"Don't Walk Away"
"Do you remember when we used to paint this town / Red, gold, green, and blue..." Lovely.
"Time Stood Still"
Another one to cause uncontrollable plot bunny spawning (though me being me, I'd have to work out some way to give it a happy ending laughing emoticon )
"The Time Alone With You"
Very romantic
"Savage Blue"
OMG, I love this song... cloud nine emoticon
"Pray For Rain"
"I can see the firelight, reflected on her skin / She was smooth as alabaster, with the taste of salt and sin..." swooning emoticon
Favorite Videos: "Forget Me Not"
Oh, Gods, what a video... first we get John in a tux ( drooling emoticon ), then in a white jacket, white pants, white boots, and no shirt ( panting emoticon ), and on top of everything else, I'm pretty certain that he, ah, does all his own stunts, so to speak... that was one lucky girl... swooning emoticon
More listings, er, soonish...
Favorite John Waite Quotes

"I love hard rock. I'd really love to do what I do and also be the singer for a totally balls-out rock'n'roll band! That'd be brilliant!"
--John Waite, 1984

Interesting... it took him until 1989, but he did actually end up doing just that!

[on writing songs for the Bad English debut CD] "We didn't want it sounding too much like one thing or another; Journey or John Waite, and I think we achieved that. It made the whole process interesting."

"The day they gave me a gold album [for No Brakes], which was the biggest day of my life, my cat died in England. And it blew me out so bad, right? I went back to the hotel--this is really soppy stuff--and I locked the door and burst into tears. 'Cause me cat died, and I really should have been leaping around with this gold record. It's only a piece of plastic and gold-plated lacquer--the cat was special to me."

Awwwww... poor kitty, and poor John...

[on being in Bad English] "...It's so strange, you can't hear music in the studio, all you can hear is laughter. It's like when we were kids again, I have to admit that our rows are pretty sensational, but at the end of it, it's up front and it rocks."

Yes, indeed it did. I still say it's a real pity that Bad English only lasted for two albums...

"I'll write songs with anyone, but I can't bring myself to sing other people's material."

[on Bad English's drummer, Deen Castronovo] "He plays like he'll blow up at six o'clock."

I've seen Deen in their videos, and the description is incredibly apt... rolling on the floor laughing emoticon

[on being in a "supergroup"] "...These guys all bring in different styles of music. Of course, if it's awful, I just can't do it--because I don't believe in it. But it does help broaden the sound. If you're in charge, or doing a solo thing, you end up doing the same things the same way all of the time. It's like sex: You have to try a variety of positions to keep it interesting."

[on the song "Forget Me Not"] "While we were recording the album, we'd relax at the end of the day by going home and reading. I gave Jonathan [Cain, keyboards] [Anne Rice's vampire novels] and the next time we got together to write, it all came out. It's meant to deal with possession, feverish wanting, lust, it's meant to convey that essence of meeting your lover, and of course in the books this feeling of longing goes on throughout eternity."

Ah... I'd always thought that song had a faintly sinister edge to it, and now I know why...

[on being British] "Y'know, I practically wear Union Jack underpants."

"Practically?" Sounds to me like there's a bit of uncertainty on the subject. I think this requires some further investigation--calling for volunteers to inspect John Waite's skivvies! bouncygrin
John Waite's Astrological Sign

Date of Birth: 4 July, 1952

Western Zodiac: Cancer (Water)
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon (Fire)

As with Robin Zander, John Waite and I have the Dragon sign in common, though not the element. And I can definitely see the typical independant-mindedness and volatility of the Dragon in him, as well as the moodiness and introversion that are characteristic of Cancerians.

The Chord & Sorcery Angle

If John Waite were a character in a fantasy novel, he would be:

A sorcerer. (Redheads are supposed to have unusual powers, after all... winking emoticon )

The fantasy/period outfit I would most like to see John Waite model is:

Really elaborate wizard's robes.

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