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Concert Tale
Phoenix, Arizona
18 November, 2005

NOTE: I (your Webmistress) was unfortunately not able to attend the last Survivor show of 2005, which took place in Phoenix, AZ on Friday, November 18th. However, a very old net-friend of mine by the name of Shelly lives in the Phoenix area and WAS able to go, and since I knew several people from the fandom were also going to be attending (including my friend Denise, aka "the Survivor Concert Junkie" laughing emoticon ) I put Shelly in touch with them in the hope that everyone could meet up at the show. Well, as you will read, that was indeed what happened, and Shelly has generously allowed me to put both her review and some of the pics she took here on Chord & Sorcery for other fans to enjoy. (And trust me, she got some totally awesome shots! swooning emoticon ) So let's all say a big THANK YOU to her, and get on with the review...

As posted by Shelly on the Chord & Sorcery message board in the small hours of November 19:

Well, I just got back from the show.
What can I say?

I arrived a bit later than I had hoped, because, since it was at a casino, my Mom wanted to hitch a ride. LOL So, I wandered into the concert area. I felt a bit timid and debated with myself if I should go find Denise (THE Megafan) and the other fans with her, or if I should just play shy and find my own seat and solo it. I mustered up enough guts to go ask this female that was standing in the 4th row center if she was... (I am sooo bad with names) "Debbie." She looked at me as if I were insane. THEN I realized I was asking for the wrong name. Rolled my eyes, (probably blushed, but, HEY! It was dark) and asked if she was Denise. (Boy did I feel dumb!) WELL, she still didn't admit to being the woman with a "D" name, but pointed to someone else. Denise popped up, shook my hand, introduced me to her companions, and we chatted until the show was almost starting. I had claimed a close, but not an adjoining seat (remember, I was late). Well, shortly before the show began, someone in the row left and the neighboring audience members scooted over for me. (How nice! HOW GREAT!)

Geoff Byrd opened the show. He had a wonderful voice and lovely songs. He was very enjoyable to watch.

THEN! I saw Jimi walking back stage! Yippee!! Survivor took the stage without any grandiose entrance and then proceded to blast the audience away, not because of the volume, but with mere talent! I believe "First Night" was the opening song, and I thought it was very appropriate for my "first night" with Survivor/Jimi. [The C&S Webmistress adds: Yes, I'm sure it was--"First Night" was the opener at both shows I went to as well.]

The set was a little shy of an hour. A very short hour, I will add. I could have spent the entire night with Geoff and Survivor. Oh well. Sigh. Jimi was in good form and hamming it up with posing, getting up on the monitors, talking to the audience, and asking the audience to sing parts of the songs.

I can't honestly say I feel all hyped from this evening, but instead, I feel pleased, happy and thoroughly satisfied. Sigh! flirty emoticon I'd definitely do this again! If you've not seen Survivor perform live, do so!

And back to me again--to see Shelly's concert pics, check out the Phoenix Live Gallery. You can also go here for a complete listing of my concert pics.

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