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Jimi Jamison
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(Please Note: The essay below was written in mid-May of 2013, the last time the page itself got a major update. It's preserved here--at least for now--for historic purposes, but you may also wish to visit the new Memorial Gardens section of the Wing, where you can read both my personal tribute, written a month or so after Jimi's untimely death on September 1, 2014, as well as several more recent other writings.)

Warning: Oodles of gushing ahead. (I mean, even more than is usual for me. laughing emoticon ) It's kind of ironic, actually--of all the artists mentioned on this site, Jimi is very much a newcomer, as I've only been following him and his music in what I'd call a "serious" manner since about 2004. But, as you might be able to infer from the fact that he's the only member of the Hall of Hunks to have an entire wing all to himself, when I did get serious, I didn't do it halfway--and I like to think I make up in enthusiasm at least some of what I lack in longevity!

In truth, I did admire Jimi as a singer for a long time before I ever knew what he looked like--or, indeed, even what his name was. I'm a bit young to have been into 80's music actually during the 80's, and Survivor was another of those bands where I'd known and liked their big hits for years, but for most of that time, I didn't know anything about them beyond that handful of songs. Up until 2003 or so, I'd never even seen a photo of them, much less a music video--so thank goodness for VH-1 Classic, or I'd probably still be languishing in ignorance! They played the clips for "High On You" and "The Search Is Over" while I happened to be watching, and my interest in the dark and handsome fellow behind that distinctive voice subsequently took a sharp upward turn.

And it's an interest which has not only endured since then, but increased--one might even say it's turned into a bit of an obsession. laughing emoticon (I'm harmless, though, honest. winking emoticon ) I'm pretty sure I've got copies of just about every album that Jimi's ever done lead vocals on by now, though in some cases those copies are on vinyl and I thus haven't done much actual listening to them. My exposure to the stuff he did with Target, for example, has been limited to the few things he had available as downloads from his Snocap store while that was still active, and although his earliest work is generally less in line with my personal tastes (Target's a little more bluesy than I tend to prefer, and I'm so used to the kinds of things he sang with Survivor that it was rather surreal to hear him doing progressive rock on that Combinations album from back in 1973 laughing emoticon ) everything else is some of the most-listened-to music in my entire collection. Naturally, I'm a huge fan of all the albums he did with Survivor (with perhaps the qualified exception of Reach) but First Strike by Cobra is pretty darn awesome, too, and while I admit I didn't care that much for his latest solo CD, which was released in November of 2012, pretty much all his other solo projects have been terrific. (For detailed information on his catalog, including some personal album reviews and links to sites where you can buy your own copies both on disc and as MP3s, check out my updated CD Buying Page and Digital Music Page.)

I'm still not particularly happy about Jimi having returned to Survivor in November of 2011; I've been to a couple of their shows now, and while they certainly weren't horrible or anything, I do miss hearing some of the songs that Jimi used to do quite regularly at solo gigs, and I'm really pretty indifferent to all the older material that's become a regular part of their setlist. Oh well--Jimi still seems to do a handful of concerts on his own each year, often with Headliner or the Voices of Rock Radio, and he's said explicitly in at least one interview that he fully intends to keep on doing his own projects alongside Survivor as a band, so I suppose I'll have to content myself with that. (I still maintain that they need him a great deal more than he needs them, though.)

If you're a regular visitor to C&S or you've already done some browsing around the rest of this part of the site, however, then you've probably realized that my appreciation of Jimi is, shall we say, rather less than purely artistic. laughing emoticon I would hope it's apparent to most folks who visit my site that I really do have a ton of respect for him as a person and a musician, I just don't make a secret of the fact that I happen to think he's a grade-A hunk, either. And, all kidding aside, if I didn't dig the music first and foremost--if it didn't speak to my heart and set my spirit soaring the way it does--then none of the rest of it would matter so much as an ounce. Good-looking guys are pretty much a dime a dozen, after all, but someone like Jimi, who's got talent enough for three people and is the world's biggest sweetheart on top of it... well, that's what really makes him something special in my eyes. This is not to say that he isn't an attractive man, however--he is, and quite thoroughly so. There's the abundance of dark good looks, for one thing (the eyes! the smile! those cheekbones! swooning emoticon) and the fact that he's built like a brick wall, for another. He's got some of the broadest shoulders I've ever seen on a rock star, not to mention chest muscles that are absolutely to die for, and an ability to fill out a pair of jeans in all the right places, coming and going. (And speaking of which, ladies, that's another reason to pick up a copy of his solo album Crossroads Moment if you haven't already--the pictures of him in the liner notes are absolutely superb. drooling emoticon )

No discussion of Jimi's best features would be complete, however, without a mention of his voice. There's been talk in certain quarters for a while about him losing (or having already lost) most of his edge as a singer, but if you ask me, that's talk of the cheapest kind. I think he sounds just fine on the various new studio recordings that have come out of late, and all the shows I've been to in the past few years were absolutely amazing--even the one in Oneida, WI when he was sick with bronchitis! I'll admit he's a bit less brassy and a little more breathy these days than he used to be, but I for one don't mind that at all (I rather like the breathy thing, actually winking emoticon ) and considering that it's approaching thirty years since Vital Signs came out, I very much doubt that ANY singer could have gone without experiencing some change in all that time. So Jimi may indeed be aging (aren't we all?) but I'd have to say that he's doing it pretty damn gracefully as professional vocalists go. Or the years haven't noticeably lessened his capacity for reducing me to a little puddle of protoplasmic ooze at a moment's notice, anyway; scroll down and read my comments on "Give Me The Word," "Bittersweet," "Touch You There," and "Long Time" in the Favorite Songs section and you'll see what I mean. As much as I love his singing, though--and I never, ever, get tired of that--I have to admit that I could listen to him talk for hours on end, too, and I wouldn't even care what about. laughing emoticon He has a really, really nice speaking voice (not to mention what's just about the cutest laugh you ever wanted to hear) and that Tennessee drawl is totally the icing on the cake. (Hey, I've spent my whole life in the western US; to me, Southerners DO have an accent, and in this particular case, quite a charming one! winking emoticon )

All things considered, I think I got to the "hopeless case" stage with regards to Jimi a long time ago--and if I hadn't before, I definitely went over the edge for good and all the night I first had the pleasure of meeting him face-to-face. (You knew I couldn't get through this essay without mentioning that, right? laughing emoticon ) You can read in detail about when, where, and how the whole thing took place on this page, so I won't cover it all again here, but man... wow. Just--wow. What an experience that was; even now, so much time later, I still can't look back on it without a huge grin and a happy sigh. Jimi really is just the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet, and so good to all us crazy fans--I can't sing his praises enough, if you'll excuse the pun. winking emoticon (And my word--as hunky as he looks in photos and on video, and as wonderful as he sounds on studio recordings and audio interviews, none of it even begins to do justice to what he's like in the flesh. In my humble opinion, just about everything is better at close range, and you would not believe the amount of sheer presence he has. It wasn't quite a case of where everybody stopped talking when he walked into the hotel lobby that night, but I'd still swear the air changed! swooning emoticon)

For all of that, though, he really is very down-to-earth and not at all standoffish or remote, not to mention hilarious--though I'll admit that some of the stuff about that night has become considerably funnier in hindsight than it was at the time! laughing emoticon Case in point: Chris and Barry were curious about the poster I'd brought to get autographed (a promotional one for When Love Comes Down--you can view a scan of it here if you're so minded) so I obligingly unrolled it and let them have a look. Now, I probably should have known something was afoot when Jimi arrived and both of them immediately acquired these big grins and started urging him to see just what it was I had for him to sign, but when I again unrolled the poster and showed it to him, I confess I had a bit of a "deer in the headlights" moment when his reaction was to laugh and exclaim, "That guy's gay!" Now, keep in mind that this was about two minutes after I'd practically felt him come into the room, and only one after he'd shook my hand; my wits were definitely not operating at full speed. Heck, I was still trying just to comprehend the fact that the whole thing was actually happening--but there was still no way in heaven or earth that I was going to agree with a statement like that, and disagreeing would have taken the conversation in a direction that I was NOT prepared to deal with, face-to-face. So I kind of ended up just cringing and not really making much of a response, but what I SHOULD have said was, "Jimi, sweetie, lemme explain something to you: You in a black leather jacket, AND when you were still wearing your hair long, is about as far from 'gay' as you can get!" laughing emoticon (Oh, and for the surprisingly large number of folks who've ended up at this page by doing internet searches in regard to the details of Jimi's orientation, trust me, he is as absolutely as straight as they come!)

I wouldn't have made any bets with you, back in 2005, about that initial meeting being anything other than a one-shot deal, but scarcely a show has gone by since then when I haven't exchanged at least a few moments' conversation with him afterward, and I don't even have the words to express how happy that's made me. I wouldn't presume to call myself a friend, of course--a couple of minutes once or twice a summer, even for as long as I've been going to shows now, hardly qualifies me for that! But after Glyndon in 2010, Red Wing in 2011, and particularly Hoffman Estates in July of 2012 (um, pardon me for a moment whilst I remember THAT night... SIGH) I do think I might have finally graduated from a mere admirer up to a nodding acquaintance, at least. laughing emoticon (And he really is just the sweetest thing to remember me so consistently, even though my attendance at shows tends to be anything BUT consistent!) And while I'm starting to have my doubts that I'll ever be his equal as far as snappy comebacks go, a bit more practice certainly wouldn't do my communication skills any harm--and I daresay I'll be continuing to take every chance for it I can possibly get. winking emoticon

Favorite Songs & Videos
Better settle in and get comfortable, folks--this is going to take a while. laughing emoticon
Favorite Songs:
"I've Been A Fool Before" (Cobra, First Strike)
Love the mood on this... lots of emotion in the vocal...
"Looking At You" (Cobra, First Strike)
Oh, sigh... I do so enjoy a good Jimi-ballad, and he sounds awfully sweet on this one... hearts emoticon
"I Can't Hold Back" (Survivor, Vital Signs)
Man, I love this track... great stuff!
"High On You" (Survivor, Vital Signs)
"Talkin' to myself, runnin' in the heat, beggin' for your touch in the middle of the street..." burning emoticon
"First Night" (Survivor, Vital Signs)
"I got the answer if you've got the urge..." (Oh, my--the mental image this generates... swooning emoticon )
"Everlasting" (Survivor, Vital Signs)
Quite lovely--Vital Signs only had a couple of ballads, but the ones it did have were superb!
"How Much Love" (Survivor, When Seconds Count)
That line about "Can I persuade you, so softly in a touch" is definitely a puddle-of-goo moment... melting emoticon
"Is This Love" (Survivor, When Seconds Count)
This has got to be one of the best "roll down the windows, crank up the volume, and sing along at the top of your lungs" songs in existence--and I'm glad I got to hear it done live so many times at solo shows, although it's unfortunately become a rarity at actual Survivor gigs these days...
"Man Against The World" (Survivor, When Seconds Count)
I get chills every time I listen to this--love it!
"In Good Faith" (Survivor, When Seconds Count)
This used to be my absolute favorite Jimi-ballad in all the world--if I hadn't already been lusting after him when I first heard it, this song would probably have made me start doing so! (And it is still a wonderful track, it's just got a bit of competition now from a few other songs. winking emoticon )
"Desperate Dreams" (Survivor, Too Hot To Sleep)
"Wouldn't it feel right to love this night away..." swooning emoticon (And I am just tickled pink that I finally got to hear this live!)
"Too Hot To Sleep" (Survivor, Too Hot To Sleep)
Indeed it is, Jimi... burning emoticon
"Didn't Know It Was Love" (Survivor, Too Hot To Sleep)
This is honestly just about one of the catchiest tunes I've ever heard from ANY band! (And since it never hurts to wish, I would just DIE to hear this at a show someday...)
"Across The Miles" (Survivor, Too Hot To Sleep)
Beautiful--that's all there is to say!
"Ever Since The World Began"
This was originally recorded for Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger album, back in 1982 before Jimi joined the band, but he did a version for the soundtrack of a Sylvester Stallone movie called Lock Up in 1990 or thereabouts. The song isn't easy to find (though me being me, I've managed to get my hands on a copy, courtesy of Ebay winking emoticon ) and the production seems a little lackluster compared to, say, "Burning Heart" from the Rocky IV soundtrack, but still, this is another one that just gives me chills--he did a great job!
"True Lovers" (When Love Comes Down solo album)
Great track--another one that you gotta sing along to such that the whole neighborhood can hear you... laughing emoticon
"If You Walk Away" (When Love Comes Down solo album)
Yet another song to cause rampant spawning of plot bunnies...
"Cry Alone" (When Love Comes Down solo album)
"I cannot follow you, with broken wings, no..." Man, talk about a song hitting you right in the gut...
"Rock Hard" (When Love Comes Down solo album)
Believe it or not, this track actually took a while to grow on me when I first heard it, but now that it has, I love it... as my hubby once remarked when I played it in his hearing, "Oh, there's no innuendo at all here, is there?" rolling on the floor laughing emoticon
"Empires" (Empires solo album)
Very cool to hear Jimi sing a duet with a lady, though I have to add that the demo version where he does the entire vocal himself is unbelievably beautiful, too... swooning emoticon
"First Day Of Love" (Empires solo album)
The introduction is deceptive... laughing emoticon (And Jimi's doin' a bit of that naughty thing again here, too... bouncygrin emoticon )
"Have Mercy" (Empires solo album)
"She had the touch of an angel, in the dark I could not see / What was lurking in the shadows, waiting for a chance at me..." Fabulous!
"Just Beyond The Clouds" (Empires solo album)
Lovely track; the arrangement is really melodic and beautiful. (Although now that I've read the liner notes of the original Empires release and sorta-kinda-maybe gotten an idea of what it means to Jimi himself, it does tend to tug at the old heartstrings a bit...)
"November Rain" (Empires solo album)
Another one that's a lot sadder since I read the liner notes on the original release, but the "I still remember when we first made love" line remains a "melt" moment... swooning emoticon
"Fire Makes Steel" (Survivor, Reach)
I've never heard the original demo, but Jimi's version sure rocks!
"Seconds Away" (Survivor, Reach)
OMG, I adore this song... best track on the album in my humble opinion.
"One More Chance" (Survivor, Reach)
Beautifully done--the vocal harmonies in the chorus are wonderful
"Give Me The Word" (Survivor, Reach)
This one's a bit hard to pin down stylistically--it's not a straight rocker, but I wouldn't quite call it a ballad either. Heck, though, with a sensual groove like that, who really even cares what it is? And I'm personally of the opinion that this is a song Jimi probably couldn't have sung until this point in his life and career, or at least not with nearly as much punch as this version packs. Something like, oh, "I Can't Hold Back" is very much a young man's sentiment (the phrase about sowing one's wild oats comes to mind laughing emoticon ) but THIS is a song for an older man, one with experience and who's comfortable in his own power... um... did it suddenly get hot in here? burning emoticon
"Show Me Your Fantasy" (unreleased demo)
My word... I don't know when or under what circumstances this was recorded, but was it EVER worth the buck and a half it cost to download! swooning emoticon (And it's once again available to buy as an MP3 through Jimi's store at Reverbnation--check my Digital Music Page for details!)
"Come Dancin'" (unreleased demo originally seen on Jimi's MySpace page, now available to buy at Reverbnation)
Oh, sigh... it seriously ought to be illegal for any man to sound that sweet... hearts emoticon
"Bittersweet" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
The first time I listened to this CD, I quite enjoyed myself through the first four tracks, but as soon as he hit me with this, forget it--it was puddle-of-goo city. Sigh... melting emoticon
"Behind The Music" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
"Our love was in season / Just three chords and a reason..." Man, having Jimi and Jim P. back working together really is a melodic rock fan's dream come true!
"Love The World Away" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
Now this just rocks--and I love that line about "it could be Armageddon, seven stories below" laughing emoticon
"Till The Morning Comes" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
I admit, this took one or two listens to really grow on me, but now (just like Jimi himself, according to the CD liner notes winking emoticon ) I can't get enough!
"That's Why I Sing" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
You know, it's funny... having read a bit about what this CD was supposed to be like before it came out, I expected "Can't Look Away" and "As Is" to be the songs that really socked me in the heart and gut; those sounded like the biggest emotional "heavy hitters." But to my surprise, it was this track that got me all choked up the first time I heard it, although I hasten to add that it wasn't in a bad way. Just the opposite, actually--there's too much joy here for any one heart to contain, and while Crossroads Moment has so many good songs that it's hard to pick out favorites, this one is definitely a standout.
"When Rock Was King" (Crossroads Moment solo album)
Okay, I hardly need any more reasons to adore Jimi than I've already got, but he sure gave me a new one with this track. I've heard a fair number of people complain about it just being silly, or "those bands don't have anything to do with one another!" and all I can say is, folks, you're missing the point. The 80's produced a ton of great music in ALL genres, and particularly the ones grouped under the general aegis of rock. And THAT'S what this song is about; so what if Motley Crue and Toto don't have any particular relation to one another, or AC/DC and Heart, or any of the other combinations of band names that turn up? You could hear them all during the 80's just by spinning your radio dial around, and what a joy it is to FINALLY find a group of artists who can look back on the decade and say, "Yeah, it was a weird, wild, and wacky time, but damn if it wasn't a lot of fun, and we all did some fine work." Too many musicians seem to wince away from anything they did during the 80's, as if they'd like to forget that part of their careers ever happened, or worse, they mock it unmercifully because of the fashions or whatever. And that just takes all the enjoyment out of things for someone like me, so I have to send out a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Jimi and Jim P. for paying such a lovely and affectionate tribute to a great period in musical history, along with all the friends they got in to help out, including Mike Reno of Loverboy, Don Barnes of .38 Special, Joe Lynn Turner, Mickey Thomas of Starship, and even Survivor's original lead singer (who I hope will forgive me for not mentioning him by name; gotta think about search engines, y'know). Awesome job, guys--rock on!
"Cry Of The Wild Heart" (Extra Moments bonus album)
This has a good bit of historic value, apart from being just a darn cool song--according to the CD liner notes, it was one of the things Jimi sang while auditioning to join Survivor, all the way back in 1983!
"Touch You There" (Extra Moments bonus album)
For anyone who hasn't heard this, it is EXACTLY what the title makes it sound like--and it's amazing how Jimi can still just destroy me in three minutes flat. swooning emoticon (That almost-spoken bit in the middle is positively lethal all by itself, and as for the little zinger at the end, well, let's just say that I can think of QUITE a few answers to that question, each one naughtier than the last. not-so-innocent emoticon  bouncygrin emoticon )
"Lifeforce" (Extra Moments bonus album)
Absolutely incredible--I've always said that there was a special magic you could only get by putting Jim Peterik's lyrics together with Jimi's voice, and this song is ample proof of the fact. (And it's some powerful stuff, too; I'd say the emotional impact is AT LEAST as great as "Can't Look Away" or "As Is," but without the poignant edge.)
"Sail Away" (Kimball-Jamison duet album)
One of the few tracks on Kimball-Jamison I can listen to over and over... I personally think it would have been even better if Jimi had sung both verses and only harmonized with Bobby on the choruses (no offense meant to Mr. Kimball) but it's still a really, really nice song.
"Long Time" (One Man's Trash, History)
The first time I listened to this, I thought the initial verse was pleasant enough, but then came the line: "I've got wounds that never heal / But I'm beginning to think that maybe they will." And that was all she wrote--it's been a favorite ever since. Sigh... melting emoticon
"She Shines" (One Man's Trash, History)
A sweet and catchy little tune--I find myself walking around singing the chorus under my breath at odd moments. laughing emoticon
"Out Of Control" (One Man's Trash, History)
Hee--I haven't giggled at a Jimi song like this since "Rock Hard." Definitely one to send a girl's thoughts off in a number of highly improper directions (and he can grab me anytime he wants to! giggling emoticon)
"Where Do We Go From Here" (unreleased demo, seen on Jimi's MySpace)
Oh, good grief--the first couple of stanzas of the first verse are puddle-of-goo material all by themselves, but that little whisper in the bridge? LETHAL. swooning emoticon
"A Kiss To Remember You By" (unreleased demo, part of the country collection for sale at Amazon)
I've actually loved this song for several years now, but hadn't added it to the list of favorites because it had only been available on Jimi's MySpace for a brief time and then disappeared again. So I was doubly delighted to finally get my hands on a good (and legit) copy--and the whole second verse, not to mention the bridge, just kills me... SIGH... melting emoticon
"Language of Love" (unreleased demo, also part of the country collection at Amazon)
Yes, yes, I know... yet another sappy ballad. But how can I NOT adore a song like this, especially after the severe dearth of good sap on Never Too Late? (And I personally think Jimi speaks this particular tongue QUITE fluently already... winking emoticon )
Favorite Videos:
In all honesty, I don't have favorite videos, as such--if Jimi's in one, I generally consider that reason enough to watch it. laughing emoticon That said, however, you can find a listing of all the music videos he's appeared in over the years, along with my comments and links to watch them at various hosting sites online on this page.
Favorite Jimi Jamison Quotes

Fan's question: What is the most AVERAGE thing you did today?
Jimi's response: Actually, everything I did today was above average.

[on his favorite leisure-time activities] "Sports and sitting at the computer. I love downloading all this stuff but then I can't figure out how to use half the crap I download. It's still fun."

[when asked if he's ever kept a diary] "Yeah, I did once, but I stopped, 'cause it got stolen. So I'm never writing down what I'm thinking again! I now burn all my old lyrics--won't let anybody see 'em! I've thought about writing a book, but stopped real quick. Too dangerous! Someone else can write it--if they want to ask questions, I'll answer them. But I'm not writing it!"

Oh, man... I'm not nearly as experienced at writing nonfiction as I am with regular fiction, but a Jimi Jamison biography would still be one heck of a project to be involved in! (Alas, I'm probably about the very LAST person in the world he'd trust with something like that--sigh. Oh well, I can dream, anyway...)

[on how he got into the music business] "I never planned it as a career. I was in a band in school and just never stopped! Persistence, I guess."

"Hey, I know you!"

Okay, so it's not exactly the most profound utterance in the history of mankind--but when circumstance has kept you from attending a show for very nearly a full two years, and this is the first thing Jimi says when you walk up, even before you've said anything to HIM... well, it tends to make quite an impression, y'know? winking emoticon

[when asked if his parents approved of his choice of career] "They were always supportive, although at first they wanted me to attend college. I did give it a try, but singing was what I really wanted to do. It was my parents who booked my first job!"

[on what he does to unwind] "I like to work in the yard, and I've got this lady friend who comes over with all kinds of exotic plants and has got me into growing flowers. I don't know what's going on, man! Must be getting old or somethin'. So I'm outside most of the time, breaking Arkansas rocks and building a waterfall and stuff."

Aha--so that's how he stays in such great shape... winking emoticon

"I think music, just about for everybody, means basically the same thing: It either reminds you of something you've been through or something you're going through, or brings back a good moment in your life... It's an emotion, a feeling that you get when you listen to a song."

"There's a lot of bands out there with singers that can carry a tune, but not really singers. They're just, like, musicians trying to sing."

"...I'd really rather play tennis than watch any sport."

Ooooh... Jimi in tennis shorts... bouncygrin emoticon

[on the first band he was in] "I was about 14 or 15. We were in junior high school, and everybody in the band was on the football team, so we called ourselves the Brutes. Brut cologne was really popular then, so we thought, 'What better name than the Brutes? We'll all use Brut all the time and wear polka-dotted shirts!'" [laughs]

[on songwriting] "...I pretty much wait for inspiration, then sit down at the piano or with the guitar. If I come up with something pretty cool, I put it on tape. If not, I just put the guitar down. I know these Nashville guys have a time each day they write, like a job. But I don't want a job! I like being a bum! My mother still asks me, 'When are you gonna get a job?'"

You know, I suddenly feel a lot better about my own "wait for inspiration" approach to creativity now... laughing emoticon

"You've got to have good songs, but if you've got a lukewarm vocalist, it's just not gonna happen. You gotta have somebody who can put those songs across and relay the feelings that the writers had when they wrote [them]."

[when asked what was his most memorable moment onstage] "When I ripped my pants from the crotch all the way to the back of the waistline!"

Oh, dear heaven... swooning emoticon (I'm torn between wincing in sympathy, wondering what the heck he was doing that could have resulted in such a catastrophic wardrobe failure, and thinking, "Well, that would have answered the perennial 'boxers or briefs?' question once and for all...")

[when asked about his biggest disappointment with the Internet] "My computer--it's slow!" [laughs]

"I think videos are very important, I really do, if you can put across to people the message, let them see who you really are, do concept videos that mean something to you... People want to see what you are, see real people up there and feel part of it. Everybody needs a hero and you can give them that and still be yourself."

[when asked if he always wanted to be a singer] "Yeah, I was always singing at home--mostly in the shower, though."

Hey, ya gotta start somewhere... laughing emoticon

"For some reason, the older I get the more I want to rock!"

[on performing live] "You know, it's the reward we get, I think, for all this stuff we go through. Because when you're travelling on the road, you go through so much weirdness--you usually only see the venue, the airport, and the hotel. And you can be depressed, you can be sad, you can be sick... but when you first put that one foot on stage and all those people are out there screaming, it's another world. You go into a totally different world, a different frame of mind, and nothing else exists except you, the songs, and the people out in front of you. I think it's such a great feeling to be able to perform live; I'm really grateful that we can do it."

[on the song "Man Against The World"] "...To my surprise, the first time I sang it in the studio was the last time I sang it in the studio! I guess I got lucky because we kept the first take and built the drums and all the other instruments around my vocals."

He did that in one take? wide-eyed emoticon Good Gods, just when I thought my estimation of the man couldn't get any higher...!

"Our plans for the future are to rock till we drop, you know? [laughs] I'll probably never give up; I'll probably be in a wheelchair on stage somewhere, singing, on the final day of my life..."

Jimi Jamison's Vital Stats

I have always endeavored to concentrate mostly on Jimi's music and public persona here at C&S, out of respect for him and his personal privacy; life in any of the entertainment industries is far from easy, and I had no wish to make things any more difficult for him than they already were. However, I've seen a lot of folks land at the old version of this page looking for one detail or another, and so I decided to add this brief and (I hope) not overly intrusive listing.

Jimi was 5'8" tall (roughly 173 cm for those of you who think in metric).
Jimi turned 63 in August of 2014, just a few days before his passing.
Jimi was born in Durant, Mississippi, but he had lived in Memphis, Tennessee since he was a babe-in-arms, and so always considered it his real home town.
Jimi has three children--Amy, James Michael AKA Jamie, and Lacy, in descending order of age--and one granddaughter, Lola.
From the various interviews I've read, when he wasn't travelling or performing, Jimi enjoyed gardening and various sports (he played tennis and golf).
Jimi Jamison's Astrological Sign

Date of Birth: 23 August, 1951

Western Zodiac: Leo/Virgo (Fire/Earth)
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit (Earth)

Ah, another instance of that magical Leo-Rabbit combination... and after meeting him, I have revised my original opinion on one point: Jimi might have been born on the cutoff day between signs, but he is ALL Leo. (Although rather gentler and less prone to egocentrism than some, I think, probably thanks to the Rabbit influence.)

The Chord & Sorcery Angle

If Jimi Jamison were a character in a fantasy novel, he would be:

Well, he's certainly got the build for a warrior! He's not really tall enough to be a swordsman, but he'd do fine with a mass weapon like a mace or a battle-axe. I don't see him as purely a fighter, though--more something like a provincial nobleman. Someone who's learned to fight out of necessity and is no slouch when it comes to warfare, but who also appreciates (and perhaps prefers) the pleasures of peacetime.

The fantasy/period outfit I would most like to see Jimi Jamison model is:

Hmm, that's a tough one... probably something plain and practical, like a lace-front shirt under a vest or gambeson, and then some simple pants and knee-boots...

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