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Jimi Jamison
- Digital Music Downloads -
(This page last updated: 10 May, 2013)

A note: The links and sites given here are, to the best of my knowledge, legitimate sellers of Jimi's music, meaning that he gets at least a portion of whatever money each service charges to download songs and/or albums. You can LISTEN to selected songs for free in some cases (the Reverbnation widgets below being prime examples) but to get your own copies, you'll have to fork over some cash. Which is as it should be, in my view--I feel very strongly that if Jimi (or any artist, really) is generous enough to share his work and talent with the world, then we as fans have a collective obligation to return that generosity in a very real, material fashion. After all, he's got a living to make, same as anyone else, and I for one am more than happy to open up my wallet and contribute to the cause if it keeps the music coming.

So, having said that, let's get to the good stuff (all links will open in a new window):

Reverbnation is my personal preferred source for digital downloads, as I believe there are fewer middlemen in between the storefront and the source, so to speak, than at other sites. Jimi has both a profile and a store, the latter of which offers some rare tracks I haven't seen for purchase anywhere else, plus a selection of mobile phone ringtones, and there's also a separate profile for One Man's Trash as a band.

If you'd like to "try before you buy," check out the playlists below.

Jimi Jamison Playlist

One Man's Trash Playlist

MySpace has quite a bit of stuff available digitally, both for free listening and for purchase. Jimi often has rare and/or unreleased material in the player on his profile page (at the time of this writing, this included two older demos called "I Only See It In Your Eyes" and "Where Do We Go From Here," both of which are well worth a listen) and if you're a member, you can add tracks singly or in combination to your profile without actually buying them.

As far as specifics, the following list should get you started:

Search MySpace Music for "Jimi Jamison"

Official MySpace Music page for Survivor as a band

The page for Cobra's First Strike album

The page for the Kimball-Jamison duet album

Amazon has a nice selection of both Jimi's own and Survivor's back catalog in digital format--in fact, they're one of the only vendors I've seen offering Jimi's first solo album When Love Comes Down (which is out of print and difficult to come by on CD) as MP3s. They also have numerous other Jimi-related goodies for sale, including:

An apparently legit package of most of the tracks from Extra Moments, the limited-edition "bonus album" of demos and unused songs from the Crossroads Moment recording sessions that Jimi and Jim Peterik originally put together to benefit

History by One Man's Trash


A collection of unreleased country songs, which I believe is mostly material that Jimi and Jim Peterik worked on as a kind of fun experiment before Frontiers asked them to make Crossroads Moment together

And finally, assorted rare/unreleased individual tracks such as It Wouldn't Feel Like Christmas and House That Love Built, a single Jimi recorded to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.

For those of you with Android-based tablets or mobile phones, Google Play has quite a bit of Jimi's music available for purchase, including many of the same rare, unreleased, or out-of-print titles as Amazon. Additionally, they offer the debut album by Target, a blues-rock band Jimi sang for during the early 1970's (and which I don't think was ever available even on cassette tape, never mind CD). Click the following links to search Jimi's own catalog (his work appears under several different artist names) and to visit the page for Survivor as a band.

I'm given to understand that much of Jimi's music--his two most recent solo records at least, and probably most of the old Survivor albums, too--are available from iTunes. I'm less certain about History or Kimball-Jamison, and I can't actually confirm anything for sure as I don't use the service myself. (I'm a firm devotee of Linux and have developed the accompanying general impatience with DRM of any kind, as well, so when it comes to digital music players, I'll take anything BUT an iPod, thankyouverymuch...)

If anyone out there knows of any other good sources (preferably subscription- and/or DRM-free) for buying Jimi's music online, drop me an email and I'll see about adding them to the list.

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