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The CD Tower - Master Listing
(This section last updated: 10 May, 2013)

For simplicity's sake (and my own sanity, or at least what passes for it) for the time being this part of the site is just a selected listing of the bands and artists in my CD collection. A particular name got noted down if I own:

  1. Two or more studio albums
  2. One or more greatest-hits compilations, and like more than half the tracks thereon

There are a few entries for bands/artists that I only own one of their CD's, but this was because those groups either only released one album, or I really, really love the one that I have. I will (I hope) eventually be adding a "One Hit Wonders" page, as well as reviews of individual albums or at least a discussion of what I like about a particular group, but that is all in the future.

So, having said that--pick a genre:

Country & Folk
(Yes, I do actually listen to a little of both!)

Instrumentals, Jazz, & New Age

Rock & Pop
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